Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Endangered Doom...

Yanomamo - Maggot (2012)

On their debut EP, Australia's Yanomamo wastes little time getting to the brutal rhythms that define their gritty, lo-fi doom. Originally a cassette-only, limited-to-100 release, Maggot sounds dirtier and more raw than most first releases, but, perhaps, that is what makes the album so unique. Layering the album with a mix of drop-tune chords and southern-rock-esque riffs, Yanomamo sludge through each track, none of which sound necessarily like homemade recordings, but also don't possess so much studio mixing that the effort sounds like a too clean demo that screams eagerness for recognition.
Channeling inspiration from the occult, the band channels an equally chilling sound that sees vocalist Anthony Von Grimm's piercing shrieks ripping through an ensemble of heavy drum and bass work with fast, spastic, unrelenting guitar riffs. What makes Maggot's sound even creepier is brief samplings of tribal chants and primal drum beats, a short relief between tracks before the band suddenly jumps into the next song with ferocity.
While the album times in at just under 30 minutes across four tracks, Yanomamo have put together an impressive, focused EP that speaks to the darker, less structured side of doom. With plans to re-enter the studio later this year and continue their global domination on stages across the world, Yanomamo have nowhere to go but deeper into the black, cold realms of doom that will no doubt help create one of the year's most crushing releases. Be on the lookout for that later this year over at Von Grimm Records, which also features a lot of other great metal vinyl. Check it out! Now!

For Fans Of; Cough, Bongripper, Eyehategod, Belezebong, Rwake



  1. Hope you get cancer Mariam.

    Meanwhile, these aussies have a pretty cool, if a bit close cut, take on what made Gurt awesome when they started out.

    Check out if this is your cuppa'.

  2. Haha Miriam's a retard...

    Yanomamo are cool keep an eye out for thier new stuf!! They remind me of 'Wizards Beard' from the UK