Monday, June 03, 2013

Under The Spell Of This Gazelle...

Voodoo Mule - Voodoo Zoo (2013)

They say never to Judge a book by it’s cover, but let’s be honest, many a time (be it at the record store or on the internet) I look at an album's artwork to make my mind up about it going to be good or not (and I know you do too!). So when I saw this cover of a CD cut out and copied over a black background with some amazing drawings on it, I was head over heels. The volume got turned up, the play button was hit and some neckbreaking headbanging commenced, just as expected. 
Voodoo Mule is one of those bands that incorporate many influences in their music and pull it off in such a way you keep thinking of a band to compare it to, but so many things come to mind that aren't exactly what you're looking for so you just give up. They play some kind of groovy sludge with a little doom here and a little psychedelic there. All drenched in fuzz. 
Just as the band name, the album name and the song names suggest, their music doesn't sound all too serious. It's heavy though, but not in a soulcrushing kind of way, it's more like it tickles the soul's funny bone a little bit. In a way. With fucking music. And yet it remains very headbangable. I love this.
Now if you've not yet hit play for some reason (really, this review's covered headbanging, sludge, grooves, psychedelics and doom, why are you even reading this blog if you're not excited yet?) I suggest you do so now, and afterwards hit the download button (if you haven't already), not only because the music's great, it's also free, which is great too. 

For Fans Of; Karma To Burn, Orange Goblin, Sleep, Truckfighters, Pagan Altar, Uncle Acid


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