Saturday, June 15, 2013


Easy Rider Records are down to their last few copies of their limited cassette of Red Desert's blinding debut, Damned By Fate left. Be quick and you can still snap up a copy on red or black, after that you're gonna have to wait until the vinyl version drops later this year (damn I'm counting down the days to this!). In other news, they've recently been working on a tasty little 6 track album with Arizona's Albino Python which you can get a teaser of at their SoundCloud page. A limited cassette run of the album goes up for sale on June 25th along with some pins and a really killer limited shirt.
STB Records are now entirely cleaned out of the Spelljammer's Vol. 2 and Traitors Return To Earth, but no need to shed a tear if you missed out, as there are a few regular version's left in the store and you can hit up Traitor's BigCartel page and pick up their standard version.

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