Saturday, June 22, 2013


The limited press of Albino Python cassettes from Easy Rider Records are making their way out the door. At just $8 a pop, its not exactly a surprise, so once again, get in while you can! While you're doing that you should check out the latest project in their pipeline. This is the diehard edition cover for the upcoming Slow Season Heavy 7"...  Yup, thats embossed leather baby, and there's only 20 being made! The diehard's will be $44, limited editions $12 and the standard's $8. Want one? Well they should be live in the store Tuesday morning (GMT), don't miss out!
Over at STB Records they have just 10 copies of the standard issue of Spelljammer's Vol. 2 left! These all flew off the shelves so expect every single one to be gone within the week. They will not be repressed, so miss out and you're screwed! Another work in progress can also be revealed. You're gonna have to wait until around September time, but the ball has started rolling for a vinyl release of Dr Doom's latest EP. You know that no punches are gonna be pull with this one. More info to follow soon!

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