Saturday, June 01, 2013


Our man at STB Records has once again been working his nuts off and sorted some killer diehard versions of a new album out. Hopefully within the next week, you should be able to get your dirty little mitts on this lovely little gem. Traitors Return To Earth are a great little four piece stoner doom act from Ohio, watch this space for a heads up on the album... Also soon to drop is the limited press for Swedish doom-masters, Spelljammer. A limited run of just 250 (75 diehard / 175 regular) will be going up in the store very soon so keep checking back!
Easy Rider Records still have a few copies of their limited cassette of Red Desert's debut, Damned By Fate left. Act now or forever remain disappointed at missing out! There were 100 made, consisting of four colours - 55 black, 20 red, 15 purple and 10 gold in the form of the diehard version which will consist of all four colours, 12 badges, a digital download and a private first refusal on the vinyl test presses and diehard versions due out around September time. 

Once again, and in case you misse it before, we're now on Instagram!
Follow us @RideWithTheDevil and be sure to also follow our guys - @EasyRiderRecords & @STBRecords... They're often running competitions, so you may just win yourself something nice... and we all know how much you all like free shit! 

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