Monday, July 29, 2013

All Roaring, No Snoring...

Mangrenade - Lions In The Parking Lot (2013)

I'm back from being either too sick, too hungover, or too much of both! As are Mangrenade (although I suspect they've been more hungover than sick)! Granted, the last we heard of 'em was back in January with their last EP More Than A Handful, so it hasn't been long, but a new Mangrenade EP is always something to be excited about! And they daren't disappoint, Lions In The Parking lot is (once again) a hard hitting, pumped up, upside down drunk rock 'n' roll. I mean, Swagger Turn To Stagger off of their last EP is kinda the new anthem of my favorite bar, and this 'un packs no less punch. Nor does it drink less of the same.
Now, this new little EP doesn't bring much of a surprise from the Mangrenade front, but I like to compare this band to being drunk: it doesn't really bring anything refreshing to the table once you've experienced it already, but is stays fun! It's the same kind of dirty brew they've been concocting earlier, but Mangrenade still manage to keep everything exciting. That's why I love these guys. 
Lions In The Parking Lot does have somewhat of a different sound than More Than A Handful though. Where the latter was more of the really dirty and really catchy kind, the latest is more of the really catchy and really dirty kind. Not too much difference there, but the little nuances should be appreciated. On a more serious note; in the little amount of time between the releases the Cincinnatian trio do seem to have made some progress. Everything just sounds a little smoother and the wild bunch seem to work together a little tighter, and the hard work pays off in a great EP, which you guys are gonna pay for. Really, you should.
~ Ruben

For Fans Of; Rainbows Are Free, Kadavar, The Heavy Eyes, The Black Widow's Project, The Atomic Bitchwax


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