Saturday, July 06, 2013


Well, big news all round it seems this week. Firstly, you've not long left to get your art work submissions in to STB Records for the impending vinyl release of the awesome Dr Doom's latest EP The rules are simple - a single line drawing of one colour. Pretty simple eh, and you could just win yourself a kick ass test press and diehard version of the final product! 
Over at Easy Rider Records, Dan's been bloody busy... Not only did he sign up Portland's own Sons Of Huns, but he's also gone and secured the rights to reissue Sleep's Holy Mountain, Kadavar's Abra Kadavar and Orchid's Mouths Of The Madness... and trust me when I say it won't be ending there!

As for us, it's been all go here too. We're current in the process of putting together an artist page, so if you're handy with a crayon, or what ever those sickeningly talented bastards use, then drop us a line and we'll help showcase some of your projects and hopefully land you some work! 

We've also finally got around to putting our compilations on Bandcamp! So now you can stream, embed and download them til your hearts content (look to the left)! They're up for 'name your price', but any and all proceeds will go towards paying for the site upkeep (including bloody Bandcamp itself) so we can keep bring you stuff for free and don't get slapped with any restrictions. Also, everyone who actually pays for the cd will automatically go into the draw to with a ton of stuff at the end of the year! 

Oh, we also have new affiliate!
Now, we don't condone drugs, but they are awesome. Well, maybe not heroin or meth, but you get the point. Besides, this is a stoner rock orientated site... so with that in mind we give you...

They're a fantastic little dutch company that we do actually use pretty regularly. We really love them, so you should head on over and check them out.


New Vinyl Releases -

Baroness ~ Live At Maida Vale (Relapse)
Black Pyramid ~ Adversarial (Hydro Phonic Records)
Black Rainbows ~ Supermothafuzalicious (Reissue) (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Brutus ~ Behind The Sun (Svart Records)
Cave In ~ Until Your Heart Stops (Hydra Head Records)
Centuries ~ Broken Hymns (This Charming Man)
Dopethrone ~ Dark Foil (Totem Cat Records)
Egypt ~ Become The Sun (Doomentia)
Elder ~ Self Titled (Reissued) (Headspin Records)
Harvester ~ Blind Summet Recordings (Freak Flag Recordings)
Lo-Pan ~ Sasquanaut (Small Stone Records)
Old Man Gloom ~ No (Reissue) (Hydra Head Records)
Wo Fat/Egypt ~ Cyclopean Riffs (Totem Cat Records)

New Pre-orders/Upcoming Releases -
Vista Chino ~ Peace (Napalm Records)


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