Monday, July 08, 2013

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Mr. Peter Hayden - Born A Trip (2012)

It would be fairly easy to compare Mr. Peter Hayden's Born A Trip to Sleep's Dopesmoker, a little too easy perhaps, but on the other hand somewhat grounded as well. Not because it's a one song album, not because it's heavy and doomy and not because the existence of such an album is quite surreal, but because of the patience it demands from it's listeners. That sounds a little harsh, but giving Born A Trip a listen requires a sort of patience, and definitely the will to experience the whole thing. It's not easily accessible, but it wasn't made to be that way. Not in the least. That's where my comparison to Dopesmoker comes from, and ends.
If you're a fan of experiencing an album as a whole, this is definitely something for you to look at, if not you're probably not going to enjoy it, but hey, you can give it a try.
Born A Trip is 68 minutes of psychedelic instumental doom. Definitely not psychedelic as in the term of the music world that's used to describe psychedelic rock bands, but it's psychedelic. It has the incalculability, the different stages, the depth, the moodswings, the eeriness of a psychedelic trip. Just like a trip as well, you shouldn't (and I defnitely can't) put a stop to it early, the experience would be incomplete, ruined. It is as it is, and it should be heard as it is.
Mr. Peter Hayden have definitely set up something different here, and I cannot tell whether I like it or not. Sure, the experience is great, and I like that, and musically it's very well balanced, they now how to keep building tension, but I'm very glad not every band puts out an album like this. Glad as well that there are bands that do, for the fact that there are creations like this. But musically, I don't think it's a very good idea to make a song that 68 minutes long. That makes it so that people won't listen to it as often, and after hearing it once or twice basically never again. The product is great, but the product is a kind of non-music made by very talented musicians, which seems a shame to me. But still I can't make my mind up whether I want to hear something else than such a strange piece, the strange piece just needs to get a place. Somewhere.

For Fans Of; Sleep, Shrinebuilder, Red Sparowes, Axehandle, Spelljammer, 


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