Friday, October 11, 2013

Bombs Away!...

Missiles Of October ~ Hangover EP (2012)

On their Hangover EP, Missiles Of October have a good block of crunchy, grimy thrash, some doom-soaked sludge, crusty death metal, and a dose of punk attitude. Thanks to feedback, strong instrumental chemistry, and a willingness to let the music get out of control when it needs to let loose, Hangover is a great show-casing of what the band might have up their sleeves as they continue to sweat it out. With a guitar that can manage either cranked-up snapping or a more restrained dark groove, drums that can snap out crackling speed or provide a solid backbone, and a bass that thrums with character, Missiles Of October manage to bring it all together without losing their aggressive edge. The vocalist sounds ready and willing to shout out his lungs, but also ready to back off and let a riff or bridge have its time in the spotlight. There's four tracks, Addictions, Music For Hangover, Dreadful Crash, and Wanna Be, and while the EP tops out around 18 minutes, the guys in Missiles Of October pack quite a bit of variety into that block. Whether grinding out some hard and fast chops or throttling it back to develop some heavy metal atmosphere, the band's members do a great job of building off of each other's strengths. As long as they keep the fire of their confrontational spirits going, they should have some bright days in their future. Missiles Of October is currently touring in and around their home nation of Belgium, so European fans of dirty rock with a nasty attitude should check whether they can make it to a gig, here.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of: Corrosion Of Conformity, Toxic Holocaust, Nations On Fire, Night Birds, Step Dads


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