Thursday, October 31, 2013

Return Of The Poles...

Palm Desert - Adayoff EP (2013)

I'm always looking for a fix on some good stoner rock, and I'm glad this got pushed my way (my hat's off to you boss man), what lay ahead is a one day recording session that yielded 6 tracks of stoner/desert rock goodness. Like a good dog, it's fuzzy and mellow, coming in and biting when it needs too. Truth be told, if I hadn't read that the group was from Poland, I would of argued that they came walking out of the California desert somewhere, guitars in hand, and a joint tucked behind their ear. 
Jumping right into it, the first track "Leave Me Alone" is all about peaks and valleys, you get lulled into a sense of security by this warm sounding (almost) blues song just chugging along here and there, the singer groaning out his chorus, to laying down some very nice, soulful verses. And about half way through, all hell breaks loose in a heavy jam session for almost a minute, and after that it slowly start tapering it's way back down to that (almost) blues song that you know and love. The second diddy "End of Certain" is a guitar being played along to a fairly simple little back beat, nothing fancy, no vocals, just a short, mellow jam and I think adding anything more would of actually taken away from it just a little. The third cut "Among The Stones" is a straight 2 minutes and 44 seconds of good ole' fashioned Rock, lots of fuzz and groove going on, it won't let you down. That same vibe takes a new guise in "First Scream", just straight up Stoner Rock with lots of groove to spare, lots of hard hitting percussion going on, and a guitar solo/jam towards the end that everyone should love. The closer "Overload" is one hell of a closer too, spacey jam rock in the vein of Earthless with some beautifully melodic female vocals laid on top. For me it's one of those songs that seems to end early every time, it has a 4 minutes runtime, but 14 probably wouldn't of bothered me a bit. Really, the whole EP is a textbook lesson in how to do stoner/desert rock right. This is up for digital download or CD purchase over at Palm Desert's Bandcamp, just 3 bucks for a digital copy, with a hardcopy CD and digital copy for 8, not a bad deal at all for this little slice of Rock.

For Fans Of; Gas Giant, Astroqueen, 1000 Mods, Kyuss, Artimus Pyledriver

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