Friday, October 18, 2013

The Dirty Bastards!...

Sea Bastard ~ Self Titled (2012)

Yeah, just a head up... This is gonna be somewhat of a loaded entry today, but I don't care to be quite honest. They're my mates, so y'all can just go screw yourselves. Beside's, it does kinda help that they're bloody awesome.
It's a real blessing and a burden sometimes, this site. On one hand I get sent an absolute metric shit ton of great bands, but on the other I end up struggling to get round to hitting up friends bands and projects just because of the shear work load. Still, better late than never, and good timing too because I actually finally got to see the chaps live for the first time last week. I should disclose that at the time I was sort of bobbing along the celling, high as a kite on shrooms. But I maintain that that just added to the spectacle. Ian took on the form of a howling Kraken and Olly resembled the bastard child of Gandolf and Bigfoot wielding an axe. That's pretty much all I can really recall, and even sober that description of Olly is wholly accurate. Nonetheless, these guys slay, big time. Every track smashed into you like huge waves of evil sludge. It's merciless and unrelenting hardcore doom at its finest, and I say that irregardless of friendship. For any of you reading, that revelled in the UK's late 90's/early 2000's hardcore/sludge scene this album will trawl up a whole load of nostalgia. It seems to echo with all the brutality and fuzzy-groove-laden-agro that was so prevalent in the bands formed from the ashes of the likes of Iron Monkey. Maybe it's just me looking back through rose tinted glasses, I don't know. But I wont harp on about days gone by, I know we have a whole bunch of followers from all over the world who wont relate to my ramblings one iota. So for them I say this... take Carcass and Eagle Twin, lock them in a room with nothing but instruments, whiskey and meth and this is the kind of sound you'd expect to be summoned through the carnage.
But why believe me? Go treat yourself to a big slab of bowel rumbling, gut wrenching, demonic sludge...Where you can name your own price too! Yeah, doesn't get much better than that does it!?
~ Jay
For Fans Of; Soilent Green, Eagle Twin, Sourvein, Iron Witch, Grime


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