Friday, October 25, 2013

Hell's Horsemen...

Horse Drawn Death Machine ~ No Light (2012)

Ohio has mostly been known for having a growing and fairly well documented metal scene spawning some of the current fair such as (The Devil Wears Prada & Miss May I) and the likes of (Chimaira, Mushroomhead & Skeletonwitch). Horse Drawn Death Machine add to the long running metal scene all the while doing something a bit more off the cuff and drawling more Black-Metal/Post-Rock roots not unlike (Deaf Heaven) in the sense of reaching between traditional BlackMetal mixed with ambient noise and drones. HDDM takes a more straight ahead ROCK vibe at times creating a pleasant and unexpected change of pace for a band of its genre this can be heard on the track "Disconnected" which also hits some almost bluesy and early 90's traditional metal guitar soloing. The track"Early Graves" takes the band in some more post-rock/metal directions there is a genuine sense of experimentation in this effort. Fans of all types of metal/rock should easily find something that speaks to their familiar side as well as some excellent twists and turns that bring some new color in to the fold. Over all this Ohio based outfit gets my stamp of approval as a listener and someone who is personally in the Ohio music scene. I think more bands need to be brave and take some of tips from these guys on musical risks. The EP cuts in at less than 20 minutes and doesn't disappoint! Do your self and HDDM a favour and check it out!
~ Stephen

For Fans Of; Deaf Haven, Amber


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