Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Makin' Waves...

Upcdownc ~ Black Sea (2013)

Tonight I had the chance to check out Kent's Upcdownc and their recent effort (Black Sea). From moment one on the track “Twilight Sleep” I am taken back with the wall ambient drone and marching drums that create some nice imagery of the ocean waves hitting the side of a ship in a storm at sea… I’d assume its a Black Sea as well. Moving on to “End Of Every Film” a track that is both beautiful & penitent in feel and mood. 3 tracks in and we meet the roaring track “Drive” which enters with a nice think sludge riff heading toward some well placed layers of echo and texture which through out the record holds true. its 4 tracks in before the vocals come to life and their pulsing hark is a pleasant addition to the walls of ambience that leads to brilliant placement of bit crushed drums. Did I mention texture? This band is spot on when it comes to creating a genuine feeling and tone to their songs. A fantastic showing in contrasts & song structure. The exiting track “Hunter/Gatherer” puts the guitars in the forefront driving you to a quiet and graceful midsection that is trance inducing in the best way possible. I must say I am impressed with this effort.
~ Stephen

For Fans Of; Red Sparowes, God Speed You! Black Emperor, Pelican, Explosions In The Sky, Grails


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