Thursday, August 27, 2015

Power And Restraint...

Wyatt E. - Mount Sinai / Aswan (2015)

While this first release from the Belgian group of Wyatt E. holds only two tracks, there's almost half an hour between the pair.  What you'll hear in that time is an adeptly experimental fusion of doom metal and post-rock, with foreboding subterranean vibrations rumbling away under it all.  While the pacing rarely revs up to 'fast' material, the drum-work does a lot to keep vibrancy alive amid the anguish of the the guitar and the tombstone tone of the bass.  Synthy effects add to the weight without stealing any focus away from the core power, and the various temperments are brought together with impressive finesse.  It's music that's best experienced with few distractions, like a captivating horror film, and the absence of vocals works well to support the otherworldly qualities that gradually grow to dominate the two tracks.  A run of cassettes provides a physical form for the music, though as it was a 50-tape pressing, their availability will be a short-term thing.  One for any fans of meditative doom or experimental heavy music.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Bell Witch, Death Cube K, Earth, Mamaleek, Sunwølf


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