Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Preaching to the Choir

OneofYou ~ ReEducation (2015)

OneofYou is a couple of Kansas guys that put on display distorted and aggressive blues riffs, stoner sensibilities, add to that with catchy melodies and vocals that occasionally have a political or social message in their delivery. It's nothing too overbearing or extreme though, because if you're like me, some band yelling at me about all of their opinions just doesn't do it for you. As the band says, this is a concept album made to parallel their everyday lives. So instead of preaching to you, when they put their thoughts out there, it's always something the largest majority of human beings, can get behind and understand. Getting to the music though, my standout for the album was the forth song called "Governor's Noose". Leading off with a sample of some preacher crying out against the dangers of rock and roll, it doesn't take long for a straight forward drum rhythm to pick up the beat, kicking off what can best be described as a punk rock version of the blues. Falling in behind the drums, the guitar is thick and crunchy but turns into a low howl over different points of the track. After an upbeat first half, the song begins to wind down, the last quarter of it is spent in a controlled chaos of swirling guitar notes and drum strikes. What is easily the most outspoken album I've heard this year is probably also one of the infectious, with certain songs that are quick to get under your skin and stay there. Offered up as a "name your price" deal on bandcamp, it'd be hard to say no once you hear it.

 For Fans Of; Midnight Ghost Train, The Phuss, Jackson Firebird

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