Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Burning Rubber And Bodies...

Iron Hearse - Deal With It (2014)

Iron Hearse's new album kicks off with the quick blitz of the title track, then keeps that momentum (and some tasty film samples) going for the rest of the 30 minutes or so that make up the album. There's a good amount of garage rock atmosphere to the music, but the band has enough skills to make the lo-fi-coated music work, bringing a nice blend of desert and stoner rock to the table, giving it a coat of doom and Lovecraftian allusions, and striking a groove-friendly balance between groaning chords and fiery energy.  None of the songs drag on too long (rather, I found myself wishing they'd extend a riff stretch or tear away more on a groove several times while listening), and the album as a whole goes down a treat, hitting all the bases without any time wasted. If you're looking for some solid tunes to use as a personal soundtrack this summer, jump into some Iron Hearse and hit the road, and don't be surprised if some label picks this up for a cassette and vinyl release in the near future.  Oh, and see if you can recognize the big-chinned hero who starts off this track, "Cemetery Beast".
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of: Motorhead, Brimstone Coven, Kyuss, Wizard Smoke, Iron Butterfly


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