Monday, June 16, 2014

Electric Pigs? Prehistoric Taurus?

Electric Taurus/Prehistoric Pigs ~ 12" Split (2014)

What we have here is, two bands, three tracks, and almost forty minutes of fuzzy, psychedelic goodness. The first track, "Behind the Sun" is Ireland's Electric Taurus' part of the split, an epic sixteen minute Psychedelic Rock jam with heavy riffs, rolling drum lines, and long stretches of trip enhancing psychedelic sounds. Opening with those aforementioned sounds, it's not long before those stampeding drums drop in and you begin to hear a grunge drenched 70's style riff playing behind that wall of drums. Things begin to settle a bit again, slowing down only to be cranked back up by a fuzz soaked riff coming in, and not long after that you're hit with the Bluesy voice of Barbara "Babz" Allen of Crafty Fuzz, for the first time, with a raw, enchanting sort of Occult Rock vocal delivery. Before long you're on another comic voyage courtesy of the band, utilizing every tool in their repertoire they switch between entrancing, spacey jams and massive, Sabbath style riff fest interludes, and they're so good at what they're doing the song ends and it doesn't seem like sixteen minutes is long enough.
The next two tracks, "The Perfection of Wisdom" and "79360 Sila-Nunam", come from Italy's very own Prehistoric Pigs. The 10 minute opus to start it off is "The Perfection of Wisdom" and it's a Stoner Rock jam heavier than a fat chick in a lead bikini. With a slow, reverb saturated spoken word intro an agonizingly slow build up starts, first with a bass line, with the guitar and drums joining in slowly but surely, picking up the tempo little by little. By the time it hits the 4 minute mark things are in full swing, fuzzed out guitar lines, banging drums, and fat bass riffs. After a few minute it slows back down, with a clean guitar tone, and a low, chugging bass line, but it all starts building back up for a last hurrah, then the fuzz drops and kicks the track into overdrive. One of the heaviest riffs on the split just bludgeoning and crushing your skull to dust, it's one of the best sounds ever. The closer, "79360 Sila-Nunam" is a classic Stoner Rock song all the way through, like a long lost Kyuss jam session recording. Fuzzy guitar tones from beginning to end, and groove to spare, this is a nine minute instrumental Stoner Rock work of art, the best way to for you to find out about it is to go listen, Terrorizer is streaming the whole thing right now, and head over to Go Down Records to get your pre-order on before June 20th.

 For Fans Of; Kyuss, Serpent Throne, Tumbleweed Dealer

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