Friday, June 20, 2014

Riding To The Graveyard...

Funeral Horse - Sinister Rites Of The Master (2014)

Funeral Horse's latest release is a fine slab of fuzzier-than-thou stoner rock, perfect for blasting out of your car's windows on a muggy night.  While the distortion on the vocals can sometimes make the words a bit tricky to properly hear, that fits right in with the buzzsaw guitar and drums that thump like a neighbor who thinks you've got the music turned up too loud.  The record keeps things lean and trim at approximately a half-hour's worth of material, with all of the songs flexed out to a pleasing level of gritty sound and grooves that will get some part of your body moving in time to the rhythm before you realize it's happening.  With some unexpected developments along the way (as with the actually bluesy break-out of “Communist's Blues”, or the startlingly sweet'n'quick “I Hear The Devil Calling Me”), the desert blues stay fresh and varied, though the fuzzy grooves are never abandoned.
The band currently has a few copies of the album on vinyl still available to pick up (which you can find on their BandCamp page, as linked below), but with only 333 originally pressed, you'll want to act fast if you intend to grab a copy.   Don't fret, though, since the album's also available digitally for the fine price of $4.20. And if you're really lucky (and happen to be in the States at the time), you might be able to catch the band on a tour date in the near future.  Here's to Funeral Horse!
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Powered Wig Machine, Wizard Rifle, Wizard Smoke, Sonora Ritual, Acid Elephant


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