Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fights and Beats...

Missiles Of October - Don't Panic (2014)

Don’t Panic invites you to tuck and roll into a musical tide of dirty hardcore/punk/noise-rock that ebbs into a dark groove at exactly the right moments. The 3-piece formula invitingly lures the listener into a sonic drunken sailor stumble of noise and aggression, but will offer you a chair to kick your feet up with its intermittent sludge.  The first track hooks with satisfyingly wretched vocals repeating “Don’t panic!”, contradicting the feeling of a quickening heartbeat and an ensuing chaos.  Perpetuating a steadfast pace to comfortably ride out, the album is anchored by dark undulating melody, synchronized with an appropriate amount of ugent disorder.  Listening to this album was like getting into a drunken fight with a burnout–crude, aggressive, maybe even slight irony–and just the right amount of danger without breaking a sweat.  There’s a track in this album for any metal head to get into; even sludge and stoner fans may find what they’re looking for if they want to wake the fuck up but not feel beat in the face by a hammer.  Although these guys manage to perpetuate a feeling of “I wanna break shit and piss on the ground,” I would suggest that the melodic sediment never fully settles to the bottom and impacts the album more than most traditional hardcore projects would feel comfortable to allow taking on such a predominant role.  
~ Allie Nickel

For Fans Of;   Black Flag, Unsane, The Jesus Lizard, Unwound


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