Friday, July 25, 2014

Demands Being Met

Curse the Son ~ Psychache (2013)

I was told to check these guys out over a year ago. Not asked mind you, told. It was a damn good demand too because thanks to iTunes, they've seldom left my daily playlist. Always handy with a brain damaging riff, the band just slams it home each and every track, no matter how groove adorned or slow and maniacal the song happens to be. To my point, the title track doesn't have any of those smooth, early doom styled vocals that are so prominent and welcomed at times, but between the unadulterated groove and heavy, heavy riffing you nearly forget that there was a vocalist in the first place. It's not that the haunting voice of the band is bad by any means, quite the opposite, just that the instrumental competency of the group is simply that good. Like Nebula had thrown the in the towel with the whole Space Rock scene and took up a sudden interest in the occult. 
Out tomorrow (noon EST) on the always wonderful STB Records, once again the wax in question has been given all the pomp and ceremony it deserves. Available in three versions, you have your standard available in tri-coloured vinyl, OBI version on clear with red splatter and an absolutely gorgeous Diehard edition with alternate unique screen printed artwork and beautiful bone, black and red splatter wax. Snooze on this one and we're no longer friends!
~ Jay

For Fans Of; Witchfinder General, Black Sabbath, Sleep

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