Thursday, July 03, 2014

Piñata Are Back At It

Piñata ~ La Pulga (2014)

After we reviewed their Demo a couple years back, the Spanish three piece Piñata are back in touch with their latest effort "La Pulga". Three especially spacey Psychedelic Rock tracks grace this EP, opting for the slightly slowed and infinitely expansive approach to their music it's no surprise that the lead off track "Mayo" opens slowly and softly, chimes included, before building into a trippy instrumental jam. Just before a minute or so the bass guitar slowly starts to creep in, and before to long the guitar and drums play their way into the mix. When all three of the parts fall into place, the cosmic groove created on this one is undeniable, with the guitar belting out a huge, airy tone, giving the song a boost of atmosphere, making the whole track sound colossal when mixed with the strong rhythm section pounding their way forward in time. While vocals aren't a huge necessity for me, most would rather have them and with that being said the last two tracks have excellent vocal performances, going from slightly raspy and raw Blues sort of vocals to and even more mellow and fine pointed sort of performance. If you're already a fan of all the great rock that comes from Spain, or just of class A Psychedelic Rock, then be sure to get this in your collection.  

For Fans Of; Sungrazer, Nebula, Pura Muerte

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