Tuesday, September 16, 2014

An Honest Name...

DoomLord - Almas Malditas (2014)

Almas Malditas is the first side of a split between DoomLord (who provide these four songs) and King Heavy (whom you'll have to pick up a copy of your own to hear and evaluate, sorry!).  DoomLord pack as much material into their side as it can hold, with four tracks adding up to half an hour of traditional doom metal (with a name like DoomLord, what else would you expect?).  The Puerto Rican quintet starts off strong with the title track, which is so rich and vibrant you can practically hear the desolate graveyard setting creeping out of your speakers and into your home.  Throw in some magnificent guitar solos, which flip on a dime between growling menace and classic shredding, and some stomping drum-work, which ramps the energy right on up, and you've got a great traditional doom entry.
The band keeps up the quality as they move forward into “Illusion”, going for an even chillier atmosphere while maintaing the rich tonality and some hair-swinging riffs.  “Falso Dios” brandishes even more stone-cold riffs (they've got a real talent for that, in case you haven't picked up on that yet) and a monster break-down in which the guitars and drums have a body-shaking descent into wildness.  Lastly, “El Mal Renacera” pulls things shut with panache, starting off with the sound of slow rain before sliding into a dirge-like driving rhythm that packs in some tooth-gnashing guitar embellishments and inspired instrumental rampages before slowing to a close.
If you have a fondness for traditional doom metal, be sure to check in on DoomLord, and give your ears a treat.  Their solo full-length will be emerging before too long, and we intend to update you once that arrives; in the meantime, get yourself a copy of this split, and enjoy!
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Candlemass, Carnivore, Demon Head, Below, Saint Vitus


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