Wednesday, September 17, 2014

At a Snail's Pace

Snailking ~ Storm (2014)

Coming off of their well received album "Samsara" from a couple of years ago, this Swedish three piece are back with "Storm", and their slothish mix of Sludge and Doom Metal that drags its self along on its own time. Creating an atmosphere that completely enthralls you in music is a task, creating an atmosphere that's heavier than a truck full of depleted uranium is a completely different monster to tackle, but these guys make an exemplary effort, and deliver. They present the listener with a 5 track, almost hour long doom album that rumbles and rolls forward like a locomotive. The album's opening track "To Wonder" kicks off with a long, droning build up, that turns into the atmospheric guitar line, with a slow rolling bass line, and deep, methodical drumming it takes about two minutes for things to really amp up and you're ground to dust with a riff that seems to pummel you out of no where. After a couple more minutes the song makes another turn and goes back to being a bit more on the atmospheric side of things, with the vocals set a little farther back in the mix they can really sneak up on you at times, but anguished, shouted vocals that can slip into guttural territory at times really lends to the music, instead of detracting your attention or just being there. The eleven minute song ebbs and flows like a river full of rapids, but never losing any of the qualities that make them the quality Doom Metal band they are, and not really seeming like it took eleven minutes to finish. Before you realize it, you're knee deep into the second track "Premonitions", another eleven minutes of devastating Doom Metal that really hammers home exactly what this band is all about, and probably my favorite track on the album. You can hear the second and third tracks in their entirety right now on their bandcamp and pick up their earlier release "Samsara" in case you missed it, or get all of your physical copy needs covered here, including some colored and black vinyl.
For Fans Of; At the Graves, Pallbearer, Novembers Doom

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