Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Heavy Melodies

Seritas ~ Seritas (2014)

This hard hitting, dynamic duo from Michigan play what they have coined "Garage Doom", they lay down fuzzed out early doom riffs that almost take on a Stoner Rock vibe a couple of times in terms of just pure fuzz and groove. Coupled with the guitarist's melodic, hard hitting traditional doom styled vocals and it creates an unmistakeable sabbath worshiping sound, which is good by me, mix all of that with the drummer's pummeling Garage Rock drumming style, and you have a familiar yet unique, super melodic Doom Metal sound that's down right catchy in spots. Their first song to really get my attention, that something was different about this group was "Mourning Dove", opening up with a heavy, Sabbath-esque riff lumbering along, crushing all that stand before it's groovy-ness. While this is going on, and the vocalist is belting out his performance in that trademark raw, but melodic tone that he uses so well. The drums on this track just pound straight ahead, rumbling forward like a steamroller with the guitar line. Another song I really dug was the ultra bluesy "Hung My Head", having a slower, Blues riff that incorporates copious amounts of that almighty fuzz and is twice as heavy. If this is their version of blues music, I think a full album of this style is in order. If you want to get in on this unique take on Doom Metal, then head on over to their bandcamp page and pick up their self-titled debut for one of those "name your price" deals, can't go wrong with that. 

For Fans Of; Black Sabbath, At Devil Dirt, Witchfinder General

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