Thursday, May 29, 2014

Denmark is at it Again

The Hedgehogs ~ Make Me Wanna Cry 7" (2014)

 The Hedgehogs are another band from that great land of Stoner and Psychedelic Rock we call Denmark, and they're no exception to the rule. Playing a style of Psychedelic Garage Rock, it's nothing new, but still done excellently. They released their new single recently through Levitation Records, the two songs on the 7" are the title track "Make Me Wanna Cry" and "Can't Find Myself" is the B-side. "Make Me Wanna Cry" starts off with that classic sort of Psychedelic Rock guitar tone, the one that will have everyone grooving when it comes on, as one person puts it "It sounds like Baby Woodrose, so much so that I have to go see if this is a cover song". While the opening is very "Woodrose-esque", it's without a doubt a Hedgehogs song. When the song is near the halfway point though, the whole mood changes, and along with an electric organ and guitar change up, with the latter pumping out a super fuzzed out riff that really takes the whole song up a level, and makes sure it goes out like that. You can go pick up the tracks for whatever you choose to pay on their bandcamp, or pick up that 7" vinyl for just 7 bucks.

For Fans Of; Baby Woodrose, Hjortene, Get Your Gun

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