Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Grey Skies Ahead...

Saṃsāra - Dystopia (2014)

This EP from one-man band Samsara kicks off with a series of bangs, thunderous percussion threatening to burst your eardrums if you have the volume too high. Musician Guille Abdicacion builds up the atmosphere, adding and effectively layering a number of gritty details, and assembling a nightmare in the process. Each of the songs (“They Live”, “Emptiness”, “Monitored Minds”, and the title track) tackle dystopian doom in a different way, with success all around. Though the distorted vocals make it difficult to discern individual words, the attitude behind them comes through with all the violence needed to get its point across.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Trees (USA), Gnaw Their Tongues, Hesperian Death Horse, Ramesses, Meth Drinker


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