Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Demon's Egg...

NAGA - HĒN (2014)

NAGA's debut album, HĒN, is a nasty, sludgy piece of blackened doom metal. From the dark, brooding majesty of the 13-minute opening track, “Naas”, on through the rest of the album, the group maintains a serious approach to dredging up music from the deepest, stickiest, and most skeleton-filled pits of tar and Tartarus. From storming, thunderous aggression to passages which cling to life's energy by just a thread, the album allows the band to display their talents at evoking a range of Hellish atmospheres and swirling clouds of demonic activity.
The trio responsible for these songs of aches and pains hails from Italy, so while you might have to wait a while before they bring their brand of doom near your home-town, the work they put in on this album makes it clear that they've got the skills and dedication to keep raging along until the apocalypse. Lay Bare Recordings and Burning World Records handled the album's release on vinyl at the end of March, while FalloDischi, LaFine, and Shove Records handled the CD release, so if you have a sweet tooth for doom soaked in black essence, be sure to snag a copy before they're all eaten by the void.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Grime, Noothgrush, Hate, Tons, Lake Of Blood


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