Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Trip Through Time...

Syreregn - Skabt Vaerk Består (2014)

With roots firmly planted in the psychedelic rock of the '60s, Denmark's dynamic Syreregn power things up on their latest album, Skabt Vaerk Består.  They play things big, with nearly all of the six songs breaking the 5-minute mark, with one, the stunningly-beautiful “Marana Tha”, clocking in at more than 12 minutes of psychoactive sweetness.  Groovy melodies are complemented by vocals that assert the swagger of yesteryear's rock giants without letting themselves fall into the dangerous waters of falsetto, and they know when to step it back so that their skills on the instruments can shine on through without any barriers.
While the guitar and keyboard are the most prominently-featured parts of the songs, kicking out jams with some slick style keeping them fluid, the bassist and drummer keep right up with the higher-pitched parts, providing a solid foundation for the group's full-bodied sound to tune in and blow up.  The band has a great handle on the blues which so overtly influenced the early psychedelic groups, though they're unafraid to let loose with some wonderfully wild solos and seat-of-their-pants tempo escalation.  If you have a taste for those early days of the genre, before it got into contests over who could fill the biggest venue, then Syreregn will gladly provide you with a big helping of psychedelic rock that's simply energized by getting to play their music and experiment with it as they please.  The album received a limited vinyl release from the excellent folks over at Kozmik Artifactz and Bilocation Records at the start of this month, so if you haven't already acquired a copy for your listening pleasure, do yourself a favor and hustle on over before they're all sold out.  And if you're lucky enough to reside in Denmark, for heaven's sake, keep your eyes peeled for chances to let this group melt your mind with a live performance!
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Cream, Blue Cheer, 13th Floor Elevators, Ten Years After, Santana


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