Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bones And Stones...

Fuzz Evil / CHIEFS - Glitterbones / Stone Bull (2014)

On the first side of this split, you get the debut track from the trouble-making trio of Fuzz Evil, as they make good on their name in the fuzzy morass of “Glitterbones”.  Sounding raw but rocking, they put a riff-centric spin on desert rock, serving up something heavier than the usual fare tagged under that genre.  With some fat and warm tube sound to the guitar and bass, solid head-pounding from the drums, and a vocalist who knows the best times to go big and when to let the instruments take over, “Glitterbones” is a strong entrance for the band from Arizona.
On the B-side (or, to be accurate to the label on the record, the G-side), CHIEFS provide “Stone Bull”, a slower and less cheerful track that's no less steeped in the sounds of canyons and desert landscapes.  The bass takes front and center position here, with the guitar adding sharp jabs and strong lead-lines over the deep-toned pulsations, while the vocalist's part is faded really well into the deeper end of the mix.
Copies of the 7” are still available from the bands' websites, so if you have a sweet tooth for desert rock candy, you might want to move fast and grab one of these grey-marbled slabs before they're all gone.  While you're at it, keep an ear out for any new stuff from these two; Fuzz Evil will soon be releasing an EP, while CHIEFS are in the studios developing their debut LP.  This is the place to introduce yourself to both of them, so get to it!
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Dead Hand, Powered Wig Machine, Sons Of Tonatiuh, Acid Elephant, Orchid


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