Sunday, October 05, 2014

Changed Before Your Ears...

Close The Hatch - To Collapse In Absentia :Green (2014)

Following up on 2013's To Collapse In Absentia:RED, Close The Hatch have shifted on to another shade for their recent release in the key of green. Making use of both growling and melodic death metal vocals over some technical guitar crunch and intricate drum-work, the music on this five-song EP almost seems to experience bouts of manic-depressive mood swings, flying from high-energy riffing into slow melancholia with little advance warning. The melodic parts stand a bit stronger than the more aggressive sections, with the stripped-down sound forcing attention and calling on the band to squeeze as much emotion out of sparsely-strummed strings as they can manage.
The band does seem to push itself throughout the EP, and while it doesn't always land firmly, their willingness to step outside the usual conventions does them credit. If you're partial to harsh and melodic metal coming together, give this band a shot and see how it treats you.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Black Freighter, Integrity, Light Bearer, Woods Of Ypres, Telepathy


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