Wednesday, October 29, 2014

First Dose Is The Heaviest...

The Heavy Co. - Uno Dose (2014)

Uno Dose is the first release (classified as a “double EP”) from The Heavy Co. since their LP Midwest Electric last year; here, they offer up a mix of live performances and new studio tracks. It's all done in their down-and-dirty acid rock style, with blaring bass swirling against some sick fuzz and distortion on the guitar. On top of the big noisy presence conjured up by their pedals and production, they've got some blues roots showing through in their slow and steady grooves, which are kept trotting along by some firepower from the drummer's corner, even when they dive into a deep well of feedback.
Among all the other influences coming to life in their output, the band even throws some subtle doom into the edges of their riffs and chords, shaking it slow and low before ripping out into a mean and lean bridge. Imagine golden-era Black Sabbath doing loose covers of Led Zeppelin with a time-tumbled Gibby Haynes taking over vocals while Ozzy recovers from his latest intake, and you're somewhere in the vicinity of what this band delivers.
If you're a fan of lush and loud stoner blues rock, be sure to give these guys a listen. Cassette copies of the double EP are available on the group's BandCamp page, though shipping is currently on hold until they can get some stuff worked out; once that's cleared up, they'll make it known through their Facebook page, so you'll have plenty of time by then to scrounge up the $8 (or more, if you wanna be nice to the band) to get a copy in your hands. Or, if you can do digital, you've got less of an excuse for holding off. Personally, I'm hoping some sharp label will work out an arrangement with THC to get all of their releases out on vinyl, but until then, this tape will be doing regular duty in my car.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Butthole Surfers, 13th Floor Elevators, Fuzz Evil, Acid King, Merlin


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