Sunday, August 24, 2014

Echoes Of Yul Interview

The second band on an untitled split album recently released by Instant Classic, Echoes Of Yul continue the dark musical experimentation with which the album began.  We had a chance to fire a few questions about EoY's past and future at the band's founder, Michał Śliwa, so read on!

RWTD: How did Echoes of Yul first develop as a band?

Michał: Echoes of Yul was never intended as a "real" band.  It was always my child and I invite guest musicians to co-operate.  This is in my case the best way to work flawlessly.

RWTD: Where does the 'Yul' in the band's name come from?

Michał: It is just a word.  My previous band's name was Yul and now EOY is some kind of continuity of these ideas.

RWTD: Given the diversity of EoY's musical style, are there any specific influences coming into play while writing the music or in the studio?  For instance, what was the process of creating "Asemic" like?

Michał: A lot of stuff from movies, art to music (spacerock, psych, sludge, a lot of electronic stuff, movie soundtracks, etc.).  I like to work alone without any distractions to get trance-like state of mind and that's how "Asemic" was composed - I achieved very basic raw sound and tried focus on repetitions, then added a lot of layers of guitars, synths, accordion, theremin and so on.  In my case writing and working in the studio is basically very close to each other: post-production/studio work is very important part in my process of creating music.

RWTD: How did Echoes of Yul and Thaw first meet?

Michał: I met Artur (Thaw's guitarist) few years ago on one of the first gigs of Thaw.  Also EOY shared a split record with his previous band Sun for Miles, years later both our bands had records released through Avantgarde at the same time and we agreed that we should release another split.

RWTD: What are Echoes of Yul's plans for the rest of the year?

Michał: The rest of the year I reserved for recording EOY's third record, I hope I'm gonna finish it this summer and release it sometime next year.  My intention is to do this time something a little different from previous releases: more minimalistic and melodic.

RWTD: Anything else you'd like to say to our readers?

Michał: Greetings, readers!

Find our review of the split release here, and you can also get more information on Echoes Of Yul and the split at the following sites.

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