Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thaw Interview

As the band responsible for the first side of a split recently released by Instant Classic, Thaw offer some monstrously heavy riffs and experimentation with their music.  We were able to get a few questions in with the Polish metal group, so here's the place to start for any info on the band's history, though they keep it fairly mysterious.

RWTD: As your members come from a variety of backgrounds, could we get an introduction and musical background for each of the musicians in Thaw?

Thaw: I think musical backgrounds are just music and sound. We've played in various bands before Thaw but it really doesn't metter. What metters most is that we were able to find 5 people that are able to work together in creative way.

RWTD: What were the circumstances behind Thaw coming together as a band?

Thaw: Thaw was created by our guitarist - A and other people have been joining the band to create full band. We know each other (some of us are friends for like 15 years) so with every new member we knew what to expect.

RWTD: How did Thaw and Echoes of Yul first encounter each other?

Thaw: I think first contact took place when our other band - Sun For Miles did split CD with Echoes of Yul. We've been in touch since then.

RWTD: Do you feel the split has been received well?

Thaw: For now we only got good reviews so it's well received in our country and also abroad. That's really cool for 15-minute-song I guess.

RWTD: What are some of the particularly memorable or amusing events from touring as Thaw so far, on-stage or off?

Thaw: On one gig during the outro stage monitor started to burn (with fire). Just after the outro was finished PA guy started to put out fire with fire extinguisher so the stage, our effects and the first rows of audience were white. It was cool.

RWTD: What would Thaw's current goals with its music be?

Thaw: Our goal is to play as many gigs outside Poland as ww can. Other goal is to stay creative.

RWTD: Any plans for the near future that our readers should know about?

Thaw: In September our new record should come out and we will play some gigs (mostly Poland but I hope we will be able to play outside Poland in 2014).
Our interview with the split's other band, Echoes of Yul, will be up next week.  You can read our review of the release here, and check out Thaw and the release at the following sites.

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