Thursday, August 21, 2014

Get It Rocking...

Manthrass - Manthrass EP (2013)

Once you've torn your eyes away from their cover art, we'll go on with the review.  Ready?  It's okay, I'll wait.
Hailing from Argentina, Manthrass blend heavy rock with some truly ripping energy and buzz-saw guitar-work.  The drummer (who has been replaced since the EP's recording) is no slouch, as he bashes away and lays down some inspired fills and rhythms.  The bassist (Ángel Rizzo) and guitarist (Mariano Castiglioni) share vocal duties, and the two of them work well together, while the mixing of their voices into the rough edges of the instruments hits on a solid balance.
The EP features three original tracks, and one (“Post Crucifixión”) which the band credits as a cover of a song by Pescado Rabioso.  Their original material is very strong, occasionally inviting comparisons to early Black Sabbath, and the guitar often has a swagger to it that really energizes things.  While I've never heard the original version of the song they cover, the sweat they put into paying the song tribute will have me looking for it before too long.  Here's hoping they're already hard at work on another EP or, if we're very lucky, a full-length album; until then, do not miss out on this excellent release.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Brimstone Coven, Jimi Hendrix, Saint Vitus, early Black Sabbath, Salem's Pot


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