Sunday, July 19, 2015

Stick It In...

Slowbot - Pacifier for the Mind EP (2015)

Roughly a year after the release of their first EP, Slowbot are back with another one, set to continue their exploration of heavy stoner rock.  While it holds just five tracks, they're all meaty offerings that crack the 4-minute mark (with "Massive Suicide Machine" at a sprawling 7+); no jingles or pop flashes to be found here, just chunky grooves and slow-beat power.  The band comes together with a strong unity of purpose in these earthy trips, supporting each other's performances and only going for the spot-light when it works for the song, fitting themselves together in the service of rock.  It's one slick ride through the EP, with the fired-up bursts rising and burning out of the songs in a way to make you enjoy it while getting ready for the next hit.  Good stuff, all around.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Daily Thompson, Fatso Jetson, Mos Generator, Sinister Haze, Slow Season


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