Friday, July 31, 2015

Reciting The Rituals...

THVS - Everyday Hexes EP (2015)

Hailing from Northern Ireland, THVS' arrival with this debut EP comes in a storm-cloud of aggressive heavy rock, lashing out with gruff vocals, thumping drums, and a guitar/bass combo that tears away at the strings.  The violent tendencies give things a sludgy sheen, but the bedrock riffs of the songs and the taste for dirty grooves keep the trio with their feet planted in rocky earthiness as they unload their heavy rumble.  Effective spikes hidden between the steadier riffs provides a punkish energy (turned highest on the closer "Herman") without losing the low-end focus, and when they do pare things down to give all the attention to a given bridge or refrain, it's to show off something which earns that spot-lighting.  The EP's biggest track, "Hudson", is probably the best for showing the various song twists the band can capably link together, but the concentrated crunch of the shorter stuff feels truer to the band's projected attitude.  A more than decent start for the band, with the roughness laid down confidently and the heaviness landing solid.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Crowskin, Dopethrone, modern EyeHateGod, Funeral Horse, Wolf Blood


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