Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bubbling Back Up...

Acid Kola Turbo - EP-2 (2015)

While the cover art may look familiar if you've checked out Acid Kola Turbo's first EP (and if you haven't, you can read our review of it right here), the three tracks to be found on EP-2 are all new.  This Netherlands-based band specialized in semi-proggy psychedelic rock last time, and much of that approach has been kept for their fresh efforts, though they sound more comfortable with getting their grooves dirty now.  The drums are crisp and clear, the guitar and bass get stretched in interesting ways, and the band's experimentation with their vocals leads to some quite cool meshing effects.
Of the three tracks, I'd have to give "Millionaires" the place of personal favorite, though I can't quite explain what pushes it over the other two for me.  Something in its energy and place as EP opener just lets it leap up and race around, while the other two have a more laid-back feel to their riffing.  In any event, Acid Kola Turbo have another solid release under their belts, moving them closer (fingers crossed!) to an eventual full-length.  Warm and heavy rock, just the thing if your part of the world is starting to warm up for summer.
~ Gabriel

 For Fans Of;    Lords Of Beacon House, Vanilla Trainwreck, Supersnazz, The Escatones, Slow Season


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