Friday, April 10, 2015

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Teacher - EP1812 (2015)

Teacher is a duo made up of former Granite Path members, and on this debut 4-track EP, they whole-heartedly embrace the sound of '70s hard rock, dressing it up with some modern stoner rock flavor.  "Don't Die On Me Now" starts things off with a dirty guitar growling away under the tight popping of drums (and cowbell, and shakers, and a few other things).  It's a strong start to the EP, staking the enthusiasm of the band at a high point right off the bat, and "Panopticon" picks up where it leaves off with a smooth transition into more aggressive beats.
"Home for the Summer" gets a suitable heat going underneath the buzz of the guitar, then glazes the song with a semi-psychedelic drift of harmonizing and grooving.  "Shuffled" closes out the EP in a blaze of attitude and grit, putting a solid cap on the 15-minute four-pack.  Good stuff, worth keeping an ear on the band to find out where they'll go from here.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Clutch, Kyuss, Powered Wig Machine, Queen Chief, Isaak


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