Sunday, March 01, 2015

Bleeding Ear Canals...

Keeper / Sea Bastard - Split (2015)

Bringing together the US and UK, this six-label split provides one track each from Keeper and Sea Bastard, but stretches them out to over half an hour of sludgy doom.  Keeper goes first, with "777", a massive growler of a track featuring vocals like iron filings in a blender over the deep bass and guitar harmonizing, and the slow-crashing drums which provide punctuation to the drawn-out measures.  It's blackened sludge of extremely high quality, the kind that makes you feel like black frost should be creeping out of your speakers with each passing minute.
After a little background chatter, Sea Bastard's side starts up "Astral Rebirth", launching into a 20-minute dirge of metal and drone, voiced by an ominous growl that ramps up to savage howling alongside the strings as the energy mutates during the course of the journey.
It's two monster tracks that really go well together, and with supplies of the LP down to about a fifth of what was pressed, you'll want to act quickly to snag yourself one of these heavy slabs.  There's not much more that needs to be said, so if you're the type to get off on punishing your ears and nerves with some of the weightiest and dirtiest sludge out yet this year, get to it!
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Trees, Fange, Coffin Torture, Deuil, Blind Samson


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