Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Test Of Time

Profound Sleep ~ Keep It Alive (2014)

While this Greek squad has been at it since the early 90's, they've only started recording recently, with their debut album "Keep It Alive" coming out at the tail end of last year. The 90's grunge scene has its finger prints all over their sound, along with healthy doses of psych and stoner rock to obscure things just a little. Pretty much six tracks of the best stuff that the bygone decade had to offer. You have swinging, down tuned stoner rock jams, some heavy rock tracks with a spacey vibe, and even a couple songs thick with that unmistakeable Seattle sound from back in the day. With all those influences, and the amount of time they've been playing together, it's no surprise that they have a different vibe than most of the other stoner rock bands out of Greece that are making noise right now.
 The title track is last up on the album, and being the longest one on there ensures that it's going to be plenty of time to lay down a killer track. Starting off with what can be described as Eddie Vedder taking over vocal duties for Kyuss, the song builds up with a bass guitar rumble before the vocals become shouted and a gritty guitar sound sinks into everything as it moves like a car that's wide open on a desert blacktop. Of course around the half way point things change up and take a slower direction, with the guitar losing some of that gritty edge and lending a heavy psych feel to the second half of the song. While the guys only have this up on bandcamp as a download right now, it'll be worth checking out and seeing what all the fuss is about.

For Fans Of; Monster Magnet, Soundgarden, Kyuss

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