Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gooey Gluey Fun...

Milk Duct Tape - Styrofoam Tombstone EP (2015)

Last week in Iowa City, Milk Duct Tape threw their release party for this, their debut EP.  Trying to identify the style of the band is to play a pick-'n'-match game, with flavors of grunge, desert rock, a little punk, a peppering of southern rock, some psychedelic, and a whole lot of attitude, all shaken up together and shotgunned in one go, then set loose on stage or in your stereo to bring their distorted mental landscapes to life.
The six tracks you'll find on this EP, as soon as you realize you need to grab a copy, move in an inebriated boogie from thrashy to sweet-toned fuzz, wild-eyed and on edge to chill and blearily happy, somehow managing to make it all seem seamless and perfectly natural, even when they're flying by the seats of their pants into a nose-dive of howling guitar and launching immediately into something new.  Solid stuff for blasting out of your truck's windows, kicking back in a cloud of smoke, or engaging in the heshery all the kids like these days; as long as a situation has energy and rules to be broken, it's a good fit for Milk Duct Tape.
Copies of the EP can be found as a CD or BandCamp download, but with only 100 copies of the CD made, and 25 of those made available for public purchase, you'll want to get in gear if you intend to get yourself a physical copy.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    The Heavy Company, Special People, Fuzz Evil, Mos Generator, Poor Dumb Bastards


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