Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bullets And Guts...

Enos / Mangoo - Son of a Gun / The Grey Belly (2015)

H42 Records have built themselves into what's pretty much the place to go for reliably high-quality stoner/heavy rock 7" releases, and with this new one, that reputation only gets reinforced.  The first side of this split is provided by UK band Enos, and in their big and brassy track, they set the bar high with chunky chords, casually rockin' vocals, and an extended break-down that stretches near the breaking point before showing mercy.  It's a fun trip, and "Son of a Gun" is the sort of song you can throw on whenever you need a spark to pick yourself up for the day.
On the B-side, Finland's own Mangoo meet the challenge set by the first song with "The Grey Belly", which cruises along with cool vibes and a devil-may-care attitude.  Switching back and forth between the roaring fuzz of the bass and a crisper guitar tone, the lads of Mangoo pack a hefty amount of variety into their ~5-minute fiesta, moving from calm to crazed and right back again.
Both tracks are worth hunting down a copy of the split to get your hands and ears on, and with four different color pressings coming from H42 Records on March 26th (with each band getting their own distinct version), you'll have your choice of how to get it.  Presales start on the 1st, and you'll want to act fast, as these releases always seem to vanish in a flash.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Slomatics, Holly Hunt, Lord Of Giant, ZQKMGDZ, Snake Thursday


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