Thursday, February 12, 2015

Product Review ~


This was my first turntable and for an entry level option it's fantastic. It's cheap, simple, practical and well built. Everything we've come to expect from Denon. But don't let the low price tag fool you or make to head for the door. Being one of the few decently made tables to utilise the practicality of a built in dust cover it is also fully automatic. A simple yet wholly useful feature I do occasionally miss from the higher spec players. But it's features don't stop there, boasting a surprisingly good quality inbuilt digital encoder. Eliminating the need to shuffle over your computer or search for an extra long lead, the table merely requires a USB stick to be plugged in. The rest is all done at the push of a button. It will even segregate the tracks for you! When comes to being out on the move, its pretty difficult trying to cart a record player around, so you inevitably have to bite the bullet and get yourself and mp3 player. Yeah, the quality's takes a bit of a hit and it doesn't quite have that same feeling, but hey, where needs must.
So if you, like me want to occasionally back up certain selections of your collections (yes, I'm aware that rhymed) then there's few quicker and simpler ways to do it than this nifty little bit of kit. Perfect for those eager for simplicity and value for money.


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