Monday, February 09, 2015

Shaking Things Down...

Blind Samson - Pillars (2014)

Blind Samson is the work of one determined man, and on his first EP, he shows enough inventiveness, heaviness, and craft to instantly mark the band as one to follow.  From the opening squeal of the guitar, coupled with a hypnotic horror film sample and a quick crash into bass rumbles, the music shows a fondness for a good-sized range of doom metal influences, spinning together dronier atmospherics with bone-crunching riffs and propulsive drumming for a style which doesn't lose too much angry energy in its pursuit of doom.
There's a fairly thrashy edge to some of the more high-speed attacks, but there's such a fine degree of control held over the songs that even when it seems about to rattle itself off of the rails, Blind Samson is able to steer it right back into a growling wave of bass and refocus.  Melancholy and aggressive, groovy and mad, Pillars hits all of the bases in its warping through the various aspects of doom metal, and pulls them all off with commendable skill and style.  Blind Samson has already put out a follow-up stand-alone track, "Wickedness of Man", showing a readiness to carry on that should have everyone excited once they've had a chance to hear this first EP (and at ~10 minutes, "Wickedness of Man" is a handy possibility for putting out a split with some like-minded doomsters).  Doom metal fans of every stripe should give this a listen, so get on over to the BandCamp page and grab yourself a copy!
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Weedeater, Electric Wizard, Tons, Attalla, Church Of Misery


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