Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Dead Rise...

Los Trasgos Muertos - Eponymous EP (2015)

Coming together from a background of different UK bands, the trio of Los Trasgos Muertos have, in addition to their Live In Ancoats EP (which features three songs from this EP rendered in gig form), put out this EP, which gives psychedelic rock some garage-like flavor and production.  With crunch to the drums, a buzzy edge to the guitar, and a bass that hums along like the third rail, the band has put together a fun and flexible style of their own.  Whether letting loose some old-school chops or scaling things up to a more frothy and wild side of their psychedelia, the three members work well together, giving each other time in the spotlight while still keeping the songs moving right along.
My personal favorite of the tracks on this EP is, coincidentally, the longest track: "Roll With The Punches".  The band alternates between really going to town on the main riff, and breaking things back down to give the vocalist his time, making for a track with some strong all-around appeal.  It's a lot like the other tracks, they've just given themselves some extra time here, and the results suggest that once they get to a full-length, they'll really have some wild stuff to show off.  Enjoy the warm-up as this band gets themselves limber for big things.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Sex Scheme, The Heavy Co., Special People, The Youth, Quatrain


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