Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Brace For Impact

Desert Storm ~ Omniscient (2015)

After their widely acclaimed 2013 album "Horizontal Life" came out, the UK fellas in Desert Storm didn't waste a whole lot of time getting another full length album in the works, all this while doing some extensive gigging and touring around Europe too. Well, that follow up finally arrived a couple months ago with "Omniscient". Seeming to pick up in nearly the same spot that "Horizontal Life" left off at, the opening salvo "Outlander" opens up the flood gates of booze soaked stoner metal that will have everyone head banging and throwing their hands in the air. But to say it stays in that same place wouldn't be accurate, over the course of this one they get downright blusey on "Home". Even breaking out the acoustic six string and laying down more of a country song than anything you hear out of Nashville today. With misery fueled vocals that cut their way out low and slow, their only company is that lonesome sounding guitar part that reminds you of those old country songs from back in the day. After that change of pace, the second half of the album is back to the tried and true way of doing things, but with more of a bluesy tint to the dirt road vocals and loud, distorted guitar riffs than before. Take for instance track eight, the song "Bandwagon", after the groove saturated opening of bass and drums, you have bouts of massive guitar work and a chugging low end, savage drumming and it all slows down when the guitars pick up and add an extra bluesy twang to their usual sound. From there it's like the best song that Clutch never recorded, with the vocals taking up the usual gravel filled sound, but going even further into guttural territory at times. All of this just to show that the entire album, all ten tracks, are unique but all are equally impressive and excellent on the grand scale of things. Even if you don't dig one or two in particular, you won't be able to call them bad songs, and you'll still have eight or nine songs that really mash all the right buttons for you. While there's not vinyl or cassette options, you can grab your digital or CD copies from Blindsight Records.

For Fans Of; Orange Goblin, XII Boar, Midnight Ghost Train

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