Friday, May 22, 2015

Putting It To The Test...

Mos Generator / Stubb - The Theory of Light & Matter (2015)

If you've heard either Mos Generator or Stubb before (or really, most anything put out by HeviSike Records), expectations of some toothsome stoner rock should already be percolating in your brain; if you're new to any or all of them, this split makes for a very fine introduction, with each of the bands contributing three solid tracks.  Mos Generator takes the A-side, digging back through the decades for the psychedelic seasonings of their side, with fuzz-headed hard riffs getting melted all over by heated break-downs and syncopated spine-twitchers.  They do slide into a meaner angle with their last buster, "There's No Return from Nowhere", but here again is an introduction of sweeter melodies to even out the ride, cinching it up with a flourish.
For their part, Stubb get loose in a bluesier form, taking a 'my legs aren't working right now' sensibility in to channel the psychedelic influences through to the distortion and grooves of their half.  Mesmerizing and casually experimental, you can hear the guitarist's reluctance to let go of a riff's mutation when the time comes to fade out and move on.  The two sides add up to a satisfyingly diverse and deep-ended spectrum of stoner rock, released today digitally and on limited vinyl (red & black marbled from HeviSike, and white from the bands), so go ahead and pick up a copy if you've been wanting something to scratch a bleary-groove-wanting itch.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Isaak, Groggy, The Hunted Crows, Syreregn, Red Scalp


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