Saturday, May 23, 2015

Space Gets Bent...

Multishiva - Multishiva EP (2015)

The half-hour covered by the three songs on this EP forms the first release from the Finnish psychedelic rock group of Multishiva, and though you might expect them to still be finding their footing (which they might be), on these three songs the band launches themselves forward at full speed.  Freak-out guitar licks, throbbing bass, drums that can go from slow to flicker-twitch in two seconds, and vocals with a full chest of air pushing them out into the echoing space come together in a blur of sound that pulses in just the right places to pick you up with it for the ride.  Multishiva strikes a balance between energized and spacy, mixing rocket-fuel guitar licks with slow-burn ring-mod effects, and the band juggles them about in ways that show off their long hours of practice without losing any sense of spontaneity.  The instrumental tear-off sections have an amazing spark to them, enough to make you believe they've been at this for years, and given that this is just their beginning, things are certainly looking up for Multishiva.  Give it a shot if you have any sort of fondness for psychedelic rock, but be prepared to have it taking up your free listening time for the rest of the month.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Gallileous, JPT Scare Band, Wired Mind, AXIS/ORBIT, Molior Superum


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