Friday, May 29, 2015

Strange New World...

Mother Engine - Absturz (2015)

There's a lot of conceptual stuff coming to life in Mother Engine's second album.  Aside from the song-writing taking two years (with recording taking three days), there's the album artwork, which details a landscape shift from the aquatic setting of a crashed space-craft to a deadly desert, with brief lushness in between the two; this is to go with the narrative of the album, which accompanies the crew of that doomed space-craft (which shares the band's name) on their journey to survive.
From the first of the album's six big songs, "Nebel", the band comes together with a great sense of purpose and unity, pulling out trippy stretches of mostly-instrumental psychedelia with warmth and inventiveness, and changing it up in dizzying new ways with each additional song.  Hard grooves, casual trips, head-banging rhythms, and smooth-gelled twists come together in a kaleidoscopic fashion, with the band keeping their cool even at the most hair-raising moments.  One to catch the attention of any fans of heavy psychedelic rock, Absturz is worth every moment of the work put into it by the band, and while Mother Engine will have a hard time topping this, the fiery enthusiasm in their performance here leaves me with no doubt that their talents will burn even brighter with the next full album, whenever it may land on our planet.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Tuber, Frozen Planet....1969, Wired Mind, ZQKMGDZ, Lucuma


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