Saturday, May 02, 2015

Pushed Into A Grave...

Possessor - Stay Dead EP (2015)

Back from the shadows after last year's LP Electric Hell, the heavy metal with a doomy gloss of Possessor is still running hot, from the opening motorcycle engine rev of "Lucifer Stay Dead" all the way to the final fade-out growls of "Lights Out / Crypt of the Sorcerer".  They've kept their trim style of song-writing, getting in to the grit immediately, bashing about for as long as the head-banging is good, and then moving on before things start to get stale, which is just the way you usually want it with an EP.
It's hard to pick a personal top track, as they're all potent earworms with hard lead riffs, but as of now, "Cobwebs" is probably taking that position, thanks to its extra-heavy break-downs and bridges (not to mention the atmospheric outro it packs).  Stay Dead makes for a solid entry in this UK group's release list, with plenty of clues as to how thunderous their next LP will be.  Grab a copy, load it up, turn it up, and bang your head 'til your neck can't take any more.
~ Gabriel


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